Christian Holub
November 19, 2015 AT 09:40 PM EST

Iconic critic Roger Ebert once described film as “a machine that generates empathy.” In other words, movies can show us different lives and open us up to new ideas and experiences we may never have understood otherwise. For example, you probably didn’t think you ever needed to hear Robert De Niro say “I’d rather let Queen Latifah s— in my mouth from a f—ing hot-air balloon.” But that’s because you didn’t have Dirty Grandpa in your life.

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In the new red-band trailer for the comedy starring Zac Efron as a buttoned-up corporate lawyer and De Niro as the titular vulgarian, you can also see such new sights as a nearly-naked Efron dancing to the Macarena with “Team Hornets” written on his bare chest, and an underwear-clad Aubrey Plaza propositioning the revered acting icon in terms he may not have heard before. 

Dirty Grandpa is set for a Jan. 22 release. 

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