Scream Queens: Thanksgiving episode sneak peek |


Scream Queens exclusive: Chanel reveals to Chad that she killed [SPOILER]

On Tuesday night, Scream Queens celebrates Thanksgiving. But, as usual, the only thing on the menu in the Kappa House is deceit and death. And maybe some cotton balls. 

In this exclusive clip from “Thanksgiving,” Chanel (Emma Roberts) explains to Chad (Glen Powell) why he no longer needs to worry about Hester (Lea Michele) being pregant with his child, which is because … DO NOT READ IF YOU DIDN’T WATCH LAST WEEK’S EPISODE

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Because Chanel killed Hester! She pushed her down the stairs of Kappa and broke her neck. Or so it appears. Who knows with this show? Based on Boone’s reappearance, Hester will probably show up next week disguised as Maggie Gyllenhaal or something.