Christopher Rosen
November 26, 2015 AT 03:46 PM EST

Throwing the Thanksgiving turkey into a deep-frier has become a thing people do on the holiday, but James Corden is here to explain why that’s a bad idea.

As part of Corden’s 5 Reasons Not To segment on Wednesday’s show, the late-night host discussed the dangers of deep-frying a turkey. “No. 1, this will happen,” Corden said before showing a clip of someone starting a fire by putting their turkey in boiling oil.

Corden later called the phenomenon a “greasy, slippery slope.”

“Soon you will be deep-frying Twinkies and Oreos. And before you know it, you’re wearing a NASCAR tie to your daughter’s wedding,” he added.

Corden closed the segment by showing another massive fire started by deep-frying a turkey.

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The host also explained why no one should Instagram their Thanksgiving dinners (“No one cares”), but the deep-frying turkey parts of this bit are likely relevant to many. Watch below.

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