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Dylan Kickham
December 01, 2015 AT 04:43 PM EST

Times Square has Elmo, Spider-Man, and Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore, and they’re all just looking for a dollar. In Thursday’s new episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner takes Moore around Times Square asking tourists for some money in exchange for a dramatic recitation from one of Moore’s famous roles.

For her part, Moore is more than willing to throw herself completely in character, as she convincingly breaks down in a monologue from The Kids Are All Right, fills with rage for a scene from Magnolia, and puts on an affected manner of speech for some lines from The Big Lebowski. She also displays her ability to cry on cue to an unsuspecting tourist, whom Eichner then forces to comfort her.

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After all of Moore’s masterful street performances, it’s understandable for Eichner to be so irate that she only has one Oscar.

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