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Christopher Rosen
December 01, 2015 AT 01:34 PM EST

On Friday, a 57-year-old white male allegedly killed three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, setting off a wave of discussion over what to call the act of violence. For Trevor Noah, however, the answer is simple.

“I don’t understand, why is everyone asking if you can call this terrorism? Just call it terrorism,” Noah said on Monday’s The Daily Show. “Just call it terrorism. It’s not like a liquor license. Whose approval rating are you waiting for? The council of terrorism, is that who you’re waiting for?”

The Daily Show host also took on the alleged shooter, Robert Dear. “If I had to imagine the type of person who would shoot up an abortion clinic, it would be exactly this guy. You know, someone who looks like Nick Nolte’s mug shot had sex with a toilet brush,” he joked.

Noah’s statements came as part of a segment where Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper explained in mock tones how despite the fact that most mass shootings in America are perpetrated by “white, Christian-looking dudes,” most white men are “peaceful bros.”

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Watch the clip below.

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