The X-Files
Kelly Connolly
December 01, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

They’re here, and they have a message: Watch The X-Files.

Fox’s latest promo for the upcoming X-Files event series may be its cleverest yet. Pulling from footage recorded on Nov. 7, when a mysterious light appeared in the Los Angeles sky, the trailer suggests that the official story behind the light — military missile testing — may not be the truth. 

“We must ask ourselves,” David Duchovny’s Fox Mulder reminds us in a voiceover, “Are we truly alone? Or are we being lied to?”

The X-Files is going with answer No. 2.

The promo is the culmination of a massive online response to the light; in the wake of the sighting, fans flooded social media with references to the series and its iconic alien-hunting duo. Even Duchovny got in on the action, tweeting, “You guys are early! I said Jan 24!”

The X-Files returns Jan. 24 on Fox…unless it’s been here all along.

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