Black Panther: Meet Marvel's fearsome warrior from Captain America: Civil War |


Black Panther: Meet Marvel's fearsome warrior from Captain America: Civil War

The history-making first black superhero arrives onscreen.

(Michael Muller)

Black Panther is no joke.

It’d be easy to snark about how Captain America and Iron Man were barely managing to hold their alliance together until a certain black cat crossed their path, but the truth is – they both want him on their side.

Black Panther commands respect. (And you definitely don’t want him against you.)

The historic first black comic book superhero will be getting his own stand-alone movie in February 2018, but we’ll first encounter Chadwick Boseman’s warrior-prince on May 6 in the clash between heroes in Captain America: Civil War.

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Panther is a key figure in the conflict between Chris Evans’ Cap and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, and his allegiance is in flux — although he’s got serious issues with Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier, which steers him alongside the man in the iron mask.

While Tony Stark is known for flooding the zone with wisecracks, Black Panther isn’t fooling around.

“He’s definitely not the life of the party in this instance,” says Boseman, who won the role last October. “I think this is something true of the comic book character and the movie. You never quite know where he stands. There’s always a bit of concealing and mystery. So I think mysterious is more his boat. Not to say there’s not charm and he can’t be a ladies’ man and all that. It’s more like if there is humor, it’s more like James Bond.”

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