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Oliver Gettell
December 02, 2015 AT 08:59 PM EST

James Gunn has nothing but love for The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming western about a motley crew of unsavory characters snowed in at a remote stagecoach stop.

Despite the fact that reviews for the film are emargoed until Dec. 21, the Guardians of the Galaxy director went ahead and gave his stamp of approval in a Facebook post Monday, noting that the version he saw a few months back was an incomplete one. Gunn wrote, “Although the film wasn’t finished when I saw it, it was probably my favorite of the year — perhaps [Tarantino’s] best.”

For context, Gunn said that his other favorite Tarantino movie is “the underappreciated Jackie Brown,” and that his taste is “either refined or unusual, depending on how you look at it.” In the comments, Gunn added that The Hateful Eight is “definitely” better than Django Unchained.

Not wanting to give too much away, Gunn wrapped up by encouraging moviegoers to see the deluxe 70mm release of Hateful Eight, which is “well worth a longer drive or a couple extra bucks.”

Here’s Gunn’s full review:


The Hateful Eight opens Christmas Day in limited release.

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