Amanda Michelle Steiner
December 02, 2015 AT 01:04 PM EST

Krysten Ritter got her foothold in the entertainment industry when she was approached by a talent scout in her local mall while shopping with her mother. Yes, that is something that actually, really happens.

On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, the Jessica Jones star said that she was wearing “dude’s jeans, clogs, and a Chapstick necklace” at the time, so she wasn’t quite sure what this scout was picking up on. Host James Corden then showed off a photo of Ritter as a young girl, below, with the most disproportionately huge feet you’ve ever seen. Completing the look — which included a white turtleneck and white, opaque tights — was a pair of glasses she didn’t even need: “I wanted to be special!” 

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Is there anything more satisfying on a cellular level than when a beautiful celebrity says they were awkward growing up, and that’s actually the case? Check out the full clip above, and see our ongoing coverage of Marvel’s Jessica Jones here.


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