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Kristen Caires
December 03, 2015 AT 08:17 PM EST

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.COM.

Bill Murray and Miley Cyrus may seem like an odd duo, but they’ve joined forces for the upcoming Netflix Christmas special, A Very Murray Christmas. 

“It was stunning to work with her,” Murray says of his costar at their New York premiere. “All you hear, is … what you hear [about her] – and then you work with her and realize, ‘OH!’ ” 

He adds, “She’s really a trouper. She came through in a huge way for us.” 

Co-writer Mitch Glazer agreed that Cyrus, 23, was a “joy” to work with – but confessed that they didn’t realize how great her voice was before working with her “because we’re old guys!” 

Say Glazer, “She’s incredible. The voice is so big and so beautiful.” 

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Before working with the pop star Murray, 65, admits he thought to himself: “When you hear her [on the radio] you go, ‘She’s not even really singing that, that’s all voice activated – it’s all tricked out.’ ” 

He continues, “None of that’s true. She’s really got it. She’s really got the pipes.” 

And Murray wouldn’t just costar with Cyrus again: “If she asked me to push start her car, I would do it.” 

With former Late Night with David Letterman band leader Paul Shaffer on the piano, Cyrus sings a soulful rendition of “Silent Night” in the special. 

The stacked cast also includes George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph, Michael Cera, Rashida Jones, Jenny Lewis and Jason Schwartzman, to name a few. 

A Very Murray Christmas hits Netflix on Friday.

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