Ariana Bacle
December 08, 2015 AT 04:22 PM EST

Want to see how many times you listened to Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album or Justin Bieber’s comeback singles this year? Now you can, thanks to a Spotify function that looks at all the music you listened to on the service this year and tells you what you clicked “play” on the most.

Once you sign into the Spotify Year in Music website, the service works its magic and spits out the first track you listened to this year, as well as which artists, albums, tracks, and genres you listened to the most. The app also looks at your music tastes by season, so you can see just how mopey your winter musical preferences compare to your fun summer jams.

Last week, the service named Drake its most streamed artist of the year, beating out 2014’s top artist Ed Sheeran. Major Lazer, Mø, and DJ Snake’s single “Lean On” became the most streamed single of the year, raking in over 540 million plays.

Check Spotify’s Year in Music feature here.

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