Dylan Kickham
December 08, 2015 AT 05:37 PM EST

“I am your father, you big loser.”

For some, presidential candidate Donald Trump is one of the biggest villains in the galaxy, so the folks at Auralnuts, a YouTube account that dubs famous films for comedic effect, decided to run with that. They re-imagined the original Star Wars trilogy by stripping Darth Vader of his intimidating James Earl Jones voice and subbing in the narcissistic natterings of the Republican frontrunner for President.

The results are obviously hilarious, as we see Vader telling the Emperor about the wall he wants to build, and drives Luke Skywalker to kill himself rather than listen to him ramble on about his brand of cufflinks available at Macy’s. There’s also a lovely reminder that Trump Steaks were actually a thing and they were only available for purchase at The Sharper Image stores. Seriously you guys, The Sharper Image was selling a Donald Trump-brand of steaks.

With the upcoming premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (in theaters Dec. 18), many fans are going back to the older movies and having some fun with them. If you loved Darth Trump, Peter Griffin as Chewbacca might also be up your alley.

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