Netflix, Amazon and Hulu surge in Globes noms

By James Hibberd
December 10, 2015 at 05:55 PM EST
Credit: Daniel Daza/Netflix

It’s not TV, it’s Netflix. 

The streaming service pulled an industry upset by garnering more Golden Globes nominations Thursday morning than awards season kingpin HBO. 

Netflix has never led a Globes or Emmy nomination tally, until now. 

The service had nine Globes nods, while HBO was right behind with eight. Netflix’s rise this season was signaled earlier this week when the streaming service outdrew HBO among SAG nominations. 

But Netflix wasn’t the only streaming disruption today. The bigger surprise was Amazon grabbing five nominations and Hulu scored a major category victory as well. 

For years broadcast networks have griped as cable channels — particularly HBO — have soaked up the bulk of awards season attention, and continue to do so (HBO’s Game of Thrones was a record-breaking Emmy winner this year). But Netflix has been making major awards season inroads with shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. So is streaming the new cable?

Some of the streaming nods were highly unexpected, however, if not downright a bit weird. Nobody thought Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle or Hulu’s Casual to get honored for best comedy series. One the other hand, industry insiders fully expected Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Master of None to get nominated, so perhaps the surprise additions and omissions cancel each other out. 

The Big 4 broadcast networks received 9 nominations total, and The CW added another two. While streaming services trumped with 14 nominations. 

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Here’s a breakdown by network, and our take on this year’s biggest snubs and surprises

Netflix: 8

HBO: 7

Starz: 6

Amazon: 5

FX: 5

ABC: 4

Fox: 4

PBS: 4

Showtime: 3

USA Network: 3

AMC: 2

The CW: 2

BBC America: 1

CBS: 1

Hulu: 1