Dana Rose Falcone
December 10, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

Wednesday night’s Nashville ran the gamut of emotions with both a breakup and a marriage proposal when Good Morning America visited the southern city. The Lennon sisters brought their onscreen feud into real life in this week’s video blog.

“It’s gonna be fine. Maddie’s an awesome person,” Lennon says of her character, who made moves to write with a new artist because she felt held back by her younger sister. Lennon also reminds Maisy of the time Maddie apologized with her “warm heart.”

“That was one time!” the younger sister exclaims in the clip.

One thing the girls can agree on: Rayna and Deacon’s engagement. “We’ve been waiting for this for four years,” Maisy says. And they know they aren’t the only ones who’ve been holding out for the big moment. “For all you fans of Nashville, we are with you,” Maisy continues. “We are so excited.”

Hear what else the sisters have to say about the midseason finale, above.

Nashville returns to ABC in March 2016.

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