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December 10, 2015 AT 05:02 PM EST

Three seasons in, The Originals’ token human, Cami, is not only still around, but she’s finally revealed that she, too, has a dark side. And heading into the season 3 winter finale, it might be time for Cami to figure out how she feels for a certain monster.

EW spoke with Leah Pipes, who plays Cami, about the finale and what comes next:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First of all, you deserve so much credit for being kidnapped and thrown around in that short, low-cut dress last week.

LEAH PIPES: I know! Here’s the thing is, the crew and I did some real bonding. [Laughs] I think they got to know me better than my husband knows me in that short little dress. At first it was like, “Oh wow Leah, we can see everything,” and then they got bored of it. They saw my butt so many times no one even cared anymore. 

That episode obviously ended with Cami staying with Klaus. Is she still at the compound this week?

She’s still at the compound, yeah, which is you see her in the holiday party. I think she’s a woman who likes her independence but at the same time, she’s been abducted more than she’d like, so she’s like, “I’m tapped out, guys. I’m going to have to stay at the Mikaelson compound.” [Laughs]

Did last week help her sort through her complicated feelings for Klaus at all?

I think the more she feels, the more complicated it gets. In a way, it’s more complicated than ever because now this person has also heard about these intimate details that she tried to keep from him for so long. She probably didn’t want him to know that she has a darkness in her, she’s probably embarrassed about that, and then his reaction is so accepting and lovely. I think it’s more complicated than ever.

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Is she at all going to embrace her dark side?

I think that the dark side of Cami has always been a struggle for her and I think it will continue being a struggle for her. 

I love that she’s fighting back more this season.

Yeah! When it was revealed that she got physical with someone in the past, some people were like, “Oh my gosh, really?” I’m like, “She’s been physical this whole time! She loves smashing beer bottles on people’s heads, she’s been doing it for three seasons!” This girl’s tough. Don’t mess with her. She will fight back.

Especially if you put her in a short dress.

Exactly. She will be doing nonstop stunts if you put her in a short dress. [Laughs]

You mentioned that she’s at the compound for the holidays. Does she feel like she’s part of the Mikaelson clan at this point?

Yes, I think for better or for worse, yes. Once you get into their orbit, you either die or become part of the family.

Or both.

Yeah exactly, or both. But luckily for her, as of now, she’s more a part of a family than dead. For now. 

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Are you at all worried that she’s the “friend” who will betray the Mikaelsons in the prophecy?

I totally trust the writers, and if that happened to be Cami, I’m sure it will end up being this epic crazy twist. But at the same time, I hope it isn’t Cami because I think I’ll for sure lose my job if it ends up being Cami. [Laughs]

Or you’ll become the new big bad.

That’s true. That’s another option, but the big bad, that’s way less job security than the therapist. 

Fair. So this week, it seems like Cami is helping Kinney?

She’s been in the same situation as Kinney. She’s been compelled to forget an answer she’d been searching for. That kind of drove her crazy, and Kinney’s in a dark place. She really feels compassion for him but also feels a little responsible for bringing him into the world of the supernatural so she’s going to try to help him out. 

This show has done crazy finales. It has done slightly more tame finales. How does this midseason finale measure up?

It’s pretty crazy. It’s a little nutty. The second anything is going smoothly in this show, you’re about to get a real rude awakening because happily ever after is not in the realm of thought for our writers. They’re not okay with that. 

That reminds me: Cami needs some girl time.

Phoebe [Tonkin] and I have been pitching this because that’s all Phoebe and I do in Atlanta. Whenever we have time off, it’s her and I drinking wine gossiping and talking about Taylor Swift and who Taylor Swift is dating and how we’re going to be in Taylor Swift’s posse. Mostly it’s about Taylor Swift, actually. But we’re like, why can’t we get cameras in here because this is what Cami and Hayley probably would talk about too, like, Adele and Taylor Swift and how can we be best friends with them. And Amy Schumer.

That’s a great squad.

Right? That’s like the best squad. I really want that to be my squad. 

The Originals midseason finale airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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