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Christian Holub
December 10, 2015 AT 09:21 PM EST

Jackass star Steve-O was recently sentenced to 30 days in jail for climbing a crane as part of a SeaWorld protest he staged in Los Angeles over the summer, but he apparently ended up serving much less time than that.

On Wednesday, he posted a video to Instagram showing him backflipping off the Twin Towers Correctional Facility sign. “Here I am at jail. See ya when I see ya, folks! #yeahdude #seaworldsucks,” he captioned the video.

Here I am at jail. See ya when I see ya, folks! #yeahdude #SeaWorldSucks

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He sent another update on Thursday, revealing he had been released after less than eight hours.

“After taking a hilarious mug shot, I wound up spending less than eight hours in jail. Thanks to all of the good people at Twin Towers Correctional Facility for making my stay a great one,” he wrote.


Steve-O was also sentenced to three years probation and ordered to pay $14,000 in reparations to the city for its emergency response, in addition to the 30 days in jail. At the time, he said on Instagram that he still considered the stunt to be worth it. “My whole crane-climbing, fireworks debacle really turned out to be pretty meaningful in the end, too. I mean, if your goal is to make a statement about captivity, you may as well get yourself locked up!”

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