EW Staff
December 11, 2015 AT 04:57 PM EST

Do you feel the Force? Whether it’s reciting classic lines or getting into heated debates (Did Han really shoot first?), what separates a Star Wars fan from being a Padawan or Jedi Master is all in the details. Take our quiz to find out how you match up.

A celebration of the entire beloved franchise, EW’s The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars features rarely seen production and cast photos from all the movies in the series; essays on Ralph McQuarrie, the founding of George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, director Irvin Kershner, and more; as well as exclusive art and surprising reveals from The Force Awakens. The quiz above, a test to determine your Jedi ranking, is an excerpt from the heavily illustrated collector’s edition. EW’s The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars is available for order online on iTunes and Amazon.



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