Sundance TV
Ariana Bacle
December 11, 2015 AT 04:46 PM EST

By now, The Returned watchers know that Victor’s eerie predictions are to be trusted — but in an exclusive sneak peak from the French drama’s upcoming episode, he’s still just a little boy spouting what seems to be nonsense: In a flashback, he shows up at a man’s house and warns that the dam — still under construction at that point — will collapse and kill hundreds. And as we know, he was right.

Victor hasn’t seemed especially compelled to explicitly warn others about their impending deaths in previous episodes, so it’s intriguing to see him do it and do it with such conviction here, thanks to Swann Nambotin’s consistently strong performance as the prescient, mysterious child. 

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Watch the clip above, and see the entire episode when it airs Saturday at 10 p.m. ET on Sundance. 

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