Scandal, The Flash, more earn TV midseason finale awards |

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Scandal, The Flash, more earn TV midseason finale awards


For television addicts, the holidays are a complicated time. Sure, it’s great to spend time with family and blah blah. But the holidays also mean time away from our favorite shows. The good news? Because the shows know they’ll be gone for a while, they try to send viewers off with a midseason finale worth remembering. Some finales work better than others, but that’s why we’re here: To hand out the midseason finale awards for the moments — good and not-so-good — that we won’t soon forget.

Best entrance: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Rebecca’s mother graces the screen with her presence with a musical number full of judgment, insults, and the always important question, “Where’s the bathroom?”

The two words most likely to haunt you: Scandal
Olivia and Fitz finally admit that their relationship isn’t working, and all they have to say for themselves is a heartbreaking, “We tried.”

Best explosion/potential group death: Quantico
Sure, the terrorist reveal wasn’t as exciting as we wanted, but this show gets props for the classic “who’s inside that burning building” ending. 

Best use of a stone: The Vampire Diaries
Damon and Stefan are both trapped inside the luckiest stone on the face of the earth.

Biggest overreaction: Chicago Fire
Freddie decides to STAB Herrmann when he jokingly calls him “short and fat”?????

Best climactic surgery-gone-wrong: The Last Man on Earth
Who put Gale in charge?!

Best return: Supernatural
Lucifer is back! And he’s got Sam trapped in the cage!

Best confession years in the making: The Good Wife
After six years of keeping Will’s voicemail a secret, Eli finally comes clean to Alicia. And Good Wife fans are never going to be over it.

Best literal kiss of death: The Originals
Klaus and Cami finally kiss … and then Klaus wakes up next to a dead Cami.

Worst mother award: Jane the Virgin
Magda frames Petra for a murder she committed. Let’s reiterate: She frames her pregnant daughter for murder.

Best surprise sibling: Grey’s Anatomy and/or The Flash
Don’t make us choose between Wally West and Owen’s surprise sister.

Best mid-air ending: Supergirl
Yeah, no one else could’ve won this.

Most devastating ending: The Mindy Project

Best proposal: Nashville
Rayna said yes!

Best proposal-turned-potential-death: Arrow
Felicity said yes! Then she was shot!

Most impressive bladder: Scandal
Mellie managed to hold it for, like, 12 hours? At least.

Best reveal of a name: How to Get Away With Murder
Wes is … Christophe?

Best appearance by a random CGI shark: Arrow
I need answers about this shark.