Andrea Towers
December 17, 2015 AT 08:15 PM EST

Lots of dads can probably use the line, “Luke… I am your father” on their sons. But how many can say their name is actually Luke Skywalker?

Eight, according to Whitepages data. And while there are reportedly nine people who are called Han Solo, there are also two people who call themselves Anakin Skywalker and two who can say their name is Darth Vader. 

The full list details exactly how many people share first names only with popular Star Wars characters. Luke, which doubles as a traditional Christian name, unsurprisingly comes in first at 101,521 — you’ll find the most in Florida. While Han clocks in second at 35,519 (proving everyone loves a bad boy), Whitepages data shows that out of that number, 74 percent are actually women. 

Popularity for Luke’s father, Anakin, is significantly less — Whitepages clocks that data at 28 names — but both names reportedly increased in popularity around 2005, the same year that Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith was released. The rest of the top 5 is rounded out by Rey (11,038), Leia (3,985) and Mace (1,272). 

View the full list below:

  1. Luke: 101,521 
  2. Han: 35,519 
  3. Rey: 11,038 
  4. Leia: 3,985 
  5. Qui: 1730 
  6. Mace: 1,272 
  7. Poe: 417 
  8. Lando: 375
  9. Darth 170 
  10. Bib: 117 
  11. Boba: 74 
  12. Kylo: 42 
  13. Anakin: 28
  14. Jabba: 18

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