Here's your guide to every Christmas movie airing on TV this week |


Here's your guide to every Christmas
movie airing on TV this week

Before you open presents, watch these holiday favorites

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All we want for Christmas is… more TV. (Yes, even if there’s currently too much of it.) Luckily, Christmas movies get the marathon treatment come the week of the 25th, and to help you decide which classics (and not-yet-classics) to watch, we’ve made our picks from each time block below. So shimmy down the chimney onto your couch, load up on cookies and milk (and eggnog), and watch away:

Sunday, December 20


Lifetime: Becoming Santa (2:04 AM)
TNT: Call Me Claus (2 AM)
Hallmark: The Christmas Parade (3 AM)

What to Watch: The week begins with barely any offerings under the tree, but if you’re up way too early (days before you have to be!), Lifetime’s Becoming Santa will get you in the holiday mood. Just look at those chunky knit scarves and turtleneck sweaters! 


Hallmark: Let It Snow (6 AM)
Starz: Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (7:20 AM)
TCM: Scrooge (8 AM)
Hallmark: Matchmaker Santa (8 AM)
ABC Family: Jack Frost (8 AM)
Hallmark: A Bride for Christmas (10 AM)
ABC Family: Prancer (10 AM)
Lifetime: A Snow Globe Christmas (11 AM)

What to Watch: There’ll be plenty of opportunities to watch adaptations of A Christmas Carol during the week, but this is the first of only two airings of Scroogethe 1970 musical film version of the story starring Albert Finney, who nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for his performance as the curmudgeonly Christmas cynic. But if you’re in the mood for something lighter, head over to ABC Family for Prancer, a feel-good tale about a farm girl and her reindeer.


Hallmark: A Christmas Detour (12 PM)
ABC Family: A Christmas Carol (12:45 PM)
TNT: Surviving Christmas (1 PM)
ION: How Sarah Got Her Wings (1 PM)
Lifetime: The Spirit of Christmas (1 PM)
Hallmark: A Christmas Melody (2 PM)
ABC Family: The Nightmare Before Christmas (3 PM)
Lifetime: Dear Secret Santa (3 PM)
WGN America: The Search for Santa Paws (3 PM)
ION: A Christmas Kiss II (3 PM)
USA: It’s a Wonderful Life (3:04 PM)
TNT: The Wizard of Oz (3:30 PM)
Hallmark: A Princess for Christmas (4 PM)
ABC Family: The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (4:45 PM)
MTV: Bad Santa (4:50 PM)
WGN America: Santa Buddies (5 PM)
Lifetime: All About Christmas Eve (5 PM)
ION: Merry Kissmas (5 PM)

What to Watch: Have tissues ready when you watch the Oscar-nominated It’s a Wonderful Life, the classic, poignant film about the importance of living life to the fullest. Or, in the same time slot, head down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and Co. in The Wizard of Oz — sure, it’s not exactly a Christmas film, but it’s just as jolly as one. For a pick that’ll leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, try The Search for Santa Paws, an adventure about a group of magical (and super-cuddly) puppies. For a pick that’ll leave you feeling the complete opposite (but in a good way!), watch the rowdy, raucous Bad Santa, starring a foul-mouthed Billy Bob Thornton in the titular role. 

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Hallmark: A Royal Christmas (6 PM)
TNT: Four Christmases (6 PM)
USA: Jingle All the Way 2 (6 PM)
ABC: The Sound of Music: Sing-a-Long (7 PM)
Sundance: Miracle on 34th Street (7 PM)
ABC Family: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (7 PM)
ION: A Christmas Kiss (7 PM)
Lifetime: 12 Men of Christmas (7 PM)
WGN America: Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups (7 PM)
Hallmark: Christmas Land (8 PM)
USA: Santa’s Little Helper (8 PM)
ION: Christmas Belle (9 PM)
WGN America: The Muppet Christmas Carol (9 PM)
Lifetime: A Gift Wrapped Christmas (9 PM)
ABC Family: Elf (9:15 PM)
Sundance: Miracle on 34th Street (9:15 PM)

What to Watch: How could you possibly resist a sing-a-long version of The Sound of Music? Again, it’s not quite a Christmas movie, but it’s undeniably a winner. But if you’d rather take in a Christmas-centric film, try A Christmas Kiss, a made-for-tv film on ION, or the Haylie Duff-starring Christmas Bell, or even Lifetime’s A Gift Wrapped Christmas. All those bold colors and bright lights will have you feeling ready for the holiday in no time. (And if nothing else, at least there’s Elf.)


Hallmark: Christmas Under Wraps (10 PM)
ION: Back to Christmas (11 PM)
Lifetime: 12 Men of Christmas (11:02 PM)
Sundance: White Christmas (11:30 PM)
Hallmark: Merry Matrimony (12 AM)
USA: Santa’s Little Helper (1 AM)
ION: A Golden Christmas 2 (1 AM)
Lifetime: A Gift Wrapped Christmas (1:02 AM)

What to Watch: For a romantic comedy with a Christmas comedy and a dozen (no really, a dozen) suitors for Kristin Chenoweth, check out 12 Men of Christmas. Or, for a classic, watch White Christmas on Sundance, the Bing Crosby-starring song-and-dance film set at a Vermont inn.

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