Shirley Li
December 23, 2015 AT 05:28 PM EST

Given his previous segments skewering Donald Trump’s military “training”, wealth, and views on immigration, it’s safe to say that Late Show host Stephen Colbert is no fan of the Republican presidential candidate. Yet, in an interview with Face the Nation, Colbert reveals that he does find one quality about Trump “appealing”: His ability to engage with voters more so than anyone else in the election.

“There’s a populism to Trump that I found very appealing,” he says in the interview set to air in full on Sunday. “The party elders would want him to go away, but the people have decided that he is not going to. I may disagree with anything that he’s saying and think that is proposals are a little, well, more than a little shocking, but there is something hopeful about the fact that 36 percent of the voters want him so people in the machine can’t say otherwise. That’s the one saving grace of his candidacy.”

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When Face the Nation moderator John Dickerson asks whether there is a bit of “Trump respect” in Colbert, Colbert admits that he may be wrong about how far Trump will go. “What I do respect is that he knows it is an emotional appeal,” he says. “And that’s why I may be wrong, I made a big deal about how there’s no way he’s going to win.” 

Still, Colbert says, “I know nothing about politics.” The comedian concludes that, like most voters, he just wants to stop experiencing “constant divisiveness” over U.S. politics — and being on his new show allows him to move away from being a part of the political atmosphere of the country all the time. 

See Colbert explain his views in the video here

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