General Mills
Jonathon Dornbush
January 05, 2016 AT 07:20 PM EST

There’s a new way to show allegiance in the upcoming theatrical battle between Batman and Superman, and it involves the most important meal of the day.

General Mills has revealed two new cereals, one for each of the titular heroes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (one can only hope their Wonder Woman cereal is primed for when her solo film debuts). The Dark Kinght’s is a chocolate strawberry-flavored cereal, while Kal-El’s breakfast option offers a caramel crunch choice. The Batman cereal is shaped like the hero’s bat emblem, while Superman’s take on the form of his “S” shield.

General Mills


The cereals make their official debut at the Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans between Jan. 8 and 10, but General Mills’ social media manager says the cereals may already be appearing in some stores.

Batman v Superman arrives in theaters on March 25. For more on the film, check out EW’s first look at the new Batcave.

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