The Bachelor: Ben Higgins on that moment he didn't see coming |


Ben Higgins blogs about that Bachelor moment he didn't see coming

'I was floored honestly,' he says

(Felicia Graham/ABC)

Ben Higgins was relieved after the rose ceremony ended on Monday’s The Bachelor premiere — but only for a moment: Soon after it ended, Lace — a contestant he had given a rose to — confronted him about his lack of eye contact throughout the ceremony.

“When Lace pulled me aside, I was floored honestly,” he writes in this week’s Bachelor blog on PEOPLE. “After all that had gone on that night (and I hadn’t even seen the half of it!) was she really questioning my intentions after I had just sent seven incredible women home?!” 

He goes on to call this moment “the first of an immeasurable amount of twists, turns, and surprises on what was the most unforgettable journey of my entire life.” Relive the premiere by reading EW’s Bachelor recap, and head over to PEOPLE to read Higgins’ full blog post.