Ulf Andersen/Getty Images
Jessica Goodman
January 06, 2016 AT 03:32 PM EST

Neil Gaiman announced plans to release his next nonfiction book, The View From The Cheap Seats, in a blog post this week. “I’ve finished the giant proofread for a book coming out in May,” he wrote. “It’s a collection of my nonfiction. It’s not every speech, introduction or article I’ve written, but it’s all the speeches that seemed important, all the articles I was still proud of, all the introductions that seemed to be about something bigger than just telling people about the book or author they were going to read.”

He also wrote that he’s “cooking a new novel in the back of my head,” though he may not start that project for another three months.

The View From the Cheap Seats borrows its name from one of Gaiman’s celebrated essays about the 2010 Oscars, in which an adaption of his book Coraline was nominated for best animated film. (It can be read in full over at The Guardian.)

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