Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
Christian Holub
January 07, 2016 AT 02:30 PM EST

Award shows can get crazy, perhaps the Oscars most of all. In recent memory, the ceremony has involved both a naked Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres ordering pizza to the Dolby Theatre. But that craziness can come in much subtler moments, as well: J.K. Simmons told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday that when he went to accept his Oscar for Whiplash from presenter Lupita Nyong’o last year, he ended up bumping her in the head. 

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“You should play that back in slow-motion sometime,” Simmons said. “I went in to get the thing and I was thinking about, ‘What am I gonna say,’ and everything. ‘Oh, I have to take the thing from her and handshake or hug,’ I wasn’t sure, so I went for the handshake and then thought, ‘Oh, we should kiss on the cheek,’ and then bonk.

This tiny kerfuffle — which can indeed be seen at 1:23 in the video above — was followed by a heartwarming speech from Simmons about loving your parents. So goes the Oscars.

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