Ariana Bacle
January 08, 2016 AT 06:11 PM EST

Too often, we watch the Golden Globes and completely overlook the hours and hours of sweat and tears that it took for a special young person and a dream to make it to the stage. Yes, we’re talking about Miss Golden Globe (and Mr. Golden Globe), the offspring of Hollywood celebrities given the honor of escorting winners off the stage. 

This year’s Miss GG is Corinne Foxx, Jamie’s daughter. The Oscar-winner isn’t taking any chances, training Corinne for her upcoming gig in a Creedstyle montage that features the actor giving his daughter some tough love — and some lessons in how to properly air-kiss. 

“You gotta be careful,” he says between kisses. “Some of these people have hepatitis. You don’t want that.”

After Corinne finishes up her drills, which also include practice-smiling and running up stairs in heels, she still doesn’t feel ready. That is, until Jamie points out that “everybody’s drinking champagne and high on prescription medicine out there. … It won’t be as bad as Steve Harvey.”

Dad’s got a point.

Watch the Vanity Fair clip below, and see the Golden Globes when they air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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