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See Kacey Musgraves perform 'Late to the Party' on The Late Show

(YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

While Stephen Colbert and Matthew Broderick dueted on a My Fair Lady classic, the official musical moment of Friday’s Late Show was a performance by Kacey Musgraves

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, backed by her bandmates in white jackets, performed the calming “Late to the Party” in front of a sparkling backdrop. Musgraves teased the gig on Instagram earlier, writing, “Don’t be Late to the Party.” 


Don’t be Late to the Party..

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The song is track three on her album Pageant Material, most of which she recorded live.

“ ‘Pageant Material’ is a satirical song poking fun of myself for being a real human. After writing [it] I could instantly see this hazy, slightly off-kilter, retro pageant world,” she told EW. “I’m a super visual person and I thought not only that it was a great song but that it would make for great aesthetic, especially because I come from the South.”