Samantha Highfill
January 12, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EST

How do you create the ultimate werewolf? That was the question that Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis faced when he decided that The Beast of Gévaudan would be the major villain of the show’s fifth season. 

“We knew that we wanted to make it huge, very fast, and that we wanted the skin to be darker,” Davis says. He brought in three different artists to work on the new villain, and by going the full CGI route, Davis and his team had some freedom in terms of the look.

In the end, it was Davis who provided the final sketch. “[The Beast] partially comes out of the myths that have always fascinated me about shadow creatures. It’s inspired a little bit by them, inspired a little bit by comic books — by beasts as huge as the Hulk or the Abomination or Venom,” Davis says. “He’s got oily black skin kind of like Venom, and then there are the teeth that we wanted to make razor sharp and huge. We knew that we wanted to make something that looked massive and muscular and just powerful. That’s one of the reasons why I finally said, ‘Let me do a sketch,’ and I kind of drew out what was lurking in my head.”

One of the first things fans of the show may notice about the newest villain is its lack of typical werewolf eyes. “I love the glowing white eyes, which make it seem like a different creature than the other werewolves,” Davis says. “All the other werewolves either have red eyes or blue eyes or yellow eyes, but this one has white. That sort of goes to the moral compass of The Beast. It’s all black and white, and the Beast is purely evil. This is a creature that knows only one thing and does it well, and that’s killing, and Gerard actually gives us a lot of backstory in episode 14.” 

Davis says he looked at pictures of pit bulls when drawing The Beast, drawing inspiration for its eyes and the shape of its head. “I wanted to make sure that it had a massive jaw. Pit bulls are beautiful, wonderful dogs that have obviously been given a bad reputation, but their heads are massive, and they look just strong enough to break a baseball bat within their teeth. That is part of what I wanted. If you look at Venom, his head is very angular, and the chin always comes down to a point. This one, we wanted to have it be more rounded so it looks like it could actually unhinge its jaw and swallow your own head in its mouth.”

Now, let’s just hope that The Beast doesn’t use that powerful jaw on anyone we love.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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