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Dan Snierson
January 12, 2016 AT 05:23 PM EST

The slogan for season 6 of Workaholics is “Get Weirder,” which really shouldn’t be a problem for the trippy-dippy trio of Adam, Blake and Ders. (See: this trailer.

In the season premiere, “Wolves of Rancho” (Comedy Central, Thursday, 10 p.m.), the guys transfer to an another branch of TelAmeriCorp to work under a captivating leader played by Dane Cook. The episode also might happen to feature a Hemsworth, in addition to an epic beatbox battle in the breakroom between Ders (Anders Holm) and Blake (Blake Anderson), who are egged on by Adam (Adam Devine). “Your beatbox is a weak box,” Ders taunts Blake during the requisite pre-game smack talk.

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Is Blake ready to rumble with his mouth? Warning: He hasn’t warmed up and had his tea yet. Take it sleazy and check out this exclusive clip to see Workaholics bring the beat back.

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