Christian Holub
January 15, 2016 AT 01:51 PM EST

Anyone with forgetful grandparents knows it can be difficult to talk to them about pop culture — they don’t always remember the finer details. James Corden transformed this tendency into a game on Thursday night’s Late Late Show with the first edition of “Senior Citizens Cinema,” in which senior citizens describe movies they’ve just seen and audience members have to figure it out from their clues. 

Luckily for Corden, he has a pretty movie-savvy audience. In the first round, an audience member who looks eerily like Corden was able to correctly interpret “he came out with a lot of makeup and he was on a ship, and the ship I think was sinking but I fell asleep” as Pirates of the Caribbean. The second one got a little more complicated, and not just because the father-daughter audience member duo looked eerily like Christoph Waltz and Brie Larson.

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Watch the full clip above.

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