Jessica Derschowitz
January 17, 2016 AT 03:54 PM EST

Adam Driver swapped Kylo Ren’s mask for Aladdin’s magic carpet on this week’s Saturday Night Live, but the ride wasn’t shining, shimmering, or splendid for his Jasmine (Cecily Strong).

The sketch starts off just fine, with the two singing “A Whole New World” while soaring through the sky. But then things really take a turn: Jasmine gets hit in the face by a bird, a bomb falls on her head (“We must be over Syria!” Aladdin tells her), and then an airplane evacuates its toilet onto their not-so-magic carpet ride.

Aladdin seems unfazed by all the hiccups, at least until he needs to make an emergency landing at a nearby Air Force Base. Watch Driver and Strong’s “Whole New World” below. 


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