Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Dylan Kickham
January 19, 2016 AT 08:08 PM EST

Chelsea Handler is just as confused as many about Sean Pean’s secret meeting with drug kingpin El Chapo in order to interview him for Rolling Stone, but she does have one theory. The comedian appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday to promote her upcoming Netflix series Chelsea Does, and the topic quickly veered to Handler’s friend Sean Penn.

“Sean is a friend of mine,” Handler said. “He’s very funny. He also takes himself very seriously, and I didn’t know he was a journalist — I mean, what the f— is that?”

Handler went on to describe her theory behind what was really going on with that interview: “I thought immediately they must be covering up something else. Like, El Chapo was caught, and so Sean is just like ‘Oh f—, I just met with him. If they catch me I’ve got to make up a story of why I was there. I better write an article really quick.'”

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