January 22, 2016 at 01:27 PM EST

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What’s awards season without a Best Picture contender filmed in Boston? Though Johnny Depp’s Black Mass missed the mark this year, Seth Meyers has cut to the quick of what academy voters really want to see in a parody trailer for Boston Accent, a film “probably directed by Ben Affleck.” 

The trailer has it all: “The politician with the upscale, Kennedy-type Boston accent; the townie who says the word ‘bro’ in every sentence; the hardnosed detective played by a British actor who’s trying his best but doesn’t quite have it; and one actor who decided at the last minute not to do a Boston accent at all.” 

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The film has already received rave reviews, including from Vanity Fair, which describes Boston Accent as “a tour de force of dropped R’s and a brilliant showcase of the words ‘wicked’ and ‘pisser.’ “

See the full trailer below, because where else will you encounter themes of “Southie and loyalty and all that other Boston stuff” explored in film, other than countless times before? 

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