Dan Snierson
February 03, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EST

They’ll be there for you.

Well, not all of them. Matthew Perry is rehearsing for a play in London.

Five-sixths of them will be there for you.

Of course, not actually for you. It’s for James Burrows. The Friends cast — along with actors from CheersFrasierTaxiWill & GraceThe Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly — will pay tribute to legendary television director, who is being honored by NBC with a prime-time special on Feb. 21. Check out the first promo for Must See TV: A Tribute to James Burrows, which gives you a quick peek at the star-stuffed night and includes Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen asking the one Friends question you’ve been dying to know: “Did you all sign contracts saying you wouldn’t sleep with each other?”

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What’s that? That wasn’t your question? No worries. Surely, they’ll get to Gunther later.

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