Above Average
Christian Holub
February 03, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EST

Room is up for four key Oscars, including best actress (Brie Larson), best director (Lenny Abrahamson), and best picture of the year, and now the mother-son drama has its very own parody.

Courtesy of Above Average comes the Room spoof Roomie, which takes the basic premise of the Oscar nominee and adds Amy, the roommate from hell. (It’s hard to hatch an escape plan when Amy keeps interrupting to demand a gluten-free birthday cake when it’s not even her birthday.)

“It was horrible, we had to escape,” this version of Joy (Larson’s character in the film) tells a TV interviewer.

“From the man who held you captive?” the interviewer asks.

“From Amy,” Joy says. “She scream-sings in her sleep.”

Watch the full fake trailer above.

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