February 17, 2016 at 09:18 PM EST

The Revenant fully immerses the viewer in its natural, frostbitten setting, making the bloody action all the more gruesome as it plays out in the wilderness. And what better way to capture the clarity of the wild — and the wild violence — than in a Bob Ross painting?

A new parody from Above Average features Frank Garcia-Hejl as the famous The Joy of Painting host as he’s plunked down into the middle of some of the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring film’s scenes. At first, things are tranquil for the painter, with just a few happy little trappers appearing in his line of sight. But his plans take an unexpected turn when he sets up to paint right by where DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass is being mauled by a bear. Ross, ever diligent in his attempts at accuracy, lays on the red as he fills in the full details of Glass’ injuries.

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Watch the full video above to see whether Ross can stomach the full extent of The Revenant‘s violence.

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