Zootopia: Frozen Easter egg shows Elsa, Anna costumes | EW.com


New photo from Disney's Zootopia includes a
Frozen Easter egg


Keeping in Disney’s tradition of scattering Easter eggs throughout its films, the upcoming Zootopia has a big shout-out to Frozen — and we’re not just talking about the voice casting of Kristen Bell

One of the latest images to be released from the animated film reveals a scene in Tundratown, the icy district of the animal kingdom’s city. A family of elephants is spotted in the lower left-hand corner, and closer examination reveals the two children to be wearing the costumes worn by Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna (Bell’s character) in Frozen

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Here’s the full image…

Image Credit: Disney


…and the close-up. 

Image Credit: Disney


In the film, which envisions a world in which anthropomorphic animals coexist in a bustling city landscape, Bell voices the sloth Priscilla. Ginnifer Goodwin (voicing Judy Hopps) and Jason Bateman (voicing Nick Wilde) lead the cast, which includes Idris Elba, Shakira, J.K. Simmons, and more. 

Zootopia will hit theaters on March 4.