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House of Cards season 4

To help you with your viewing — at whatever speed — we've gathered all of EW's coverage in one handy spot


When it comes to House of Cards, the odds of remembering every twist and turn is stacked against the average binge-watcher. To help out, EW has gathered all the coverage of the political thriller below, with everything you need to keep up with Frank and Claire Underwood’s manipulations and — every now and then — murders. Happy scheming.


For more context on the season, catch up on the news about the show with these stories:

The EW review of season 4: TV critic Jeff Jensen offers his take on the first episodes of the season.

Neve Campbell says House of Cards role was “a leap of faith”: The star, who joins the drama this year, details where her Beltway insider character Leann Harvey stands.

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Check back in this space while watching as we publish recaps and postmortems.

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Michael Kelly talks Doug Stamper’s most “f—ed up” moments from season 4: “At its heart, it’s all about addiction. Frank, work, alcohol, Rachel, everything,” Kelly says.

Nathan Darrow talks Meechum’s big scene. The character brings out “that sweet, light part of Frank,” Darrow says.

In the House of Cards fact-checking guide, experts weigh in on season 4’s biggest political twists.

Robin Wright talks departure of creator Beau Willimon: “I think it’s all gonna be fine,” she says.

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