Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC
Dalton Ross
March 16, 2016 AT 03:11 PM EDT

Everyone (outside of Father Gabriel) on The Walking Dead has had their fair share of zombie kills. But Daryl Dixon’s always seem to have an extra flair about them. Maybe it’s the crossbow he has used to pierce so many walker skulls. However, when we asked star Norman Reedus to name his favorite zombie kill ever, the two he picked were completely crossbow-free. And they were both from season 5.

“My favorite walker kill ever, ever, ever?” asks Reedus. “There’s been a bunch. I really liked the chain and taking off the three zombie heads with the chain. That was kind of awesome — very Indiana Jones-ish. I also like putting my hand up inside the walker’s eyeballs and using him like a bowling ball and smashing that cop across the face. Yeah, those two are probably my favorites right now.”

Those aren’t just two of the best Daryl kills ever, they are two of the best zombie mayhem moments period — no matter what character. Check out the video above to watch Reedus discuss the destruction and see the kills themselves.

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