Christian Holub
March 18, 2016 AT 03:54 PM EDT

The big-screen fight between Batman and Superman will be an acrimonious one. In the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice clip that star Henry Cavill brought to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, for example, Superman tells Batman never to answer the Bat-signal again, while the Dark Knight promises that the Man of Steel will bleed.

Kimmel asked Cavill if any of that animosity creeped over into the real-life on-set interactions between him and costar Ben Affleck.

“No, I just didn’t like him,” Cavill joked. “Genuine dislike. You know, that happens. Then you become lovers, and make videos with each other.”

“It’s like Sam and Diane, in a way,” Kimmel said. 

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Watch the clip below. 

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