Barack Obama: Cuban comedy sketch features president ahead of official visit |


See Obama in a Cuban comedy sketch ahead of official visit

Ahead of President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba from March 20-March 22, POTUS features alongside Cuban comedian Luis Silva in a comedy sketch released by the White House and the U.S. Embassy in Cuba

Silva reprises his character Pánfilo, who features in the comedian’s weekly sketch comedy show. One of his ongoing bits involves Pánfilo attempting to contact the U.S. President on the phone, and this time he succeeds.  

Silva calls the White House to ask POTUS if it’s going to rain on Tuesday, referring to a baseball game Obama is scheduled to attend. The visiting Tampa Bay Rays (representing Major League Baseball) will play the Cuban National Team at Estadio Latinamericano. 

“I am so glad you will come to visit so you can know Cuba, its people,” Silva continues, to which Obama replies, “I’m looking forward to it. The American people and the Cuban people are friends.”

Watch the sketch below. 


Pánfilo conversa con el Presidente Obama

¡Adivina con quién conversó Luis Silva Pánfilo! #ObamaenCuba

Posted by Embajada de Estados Unidos en Cuba on Saturday, March 19, 2016


Obama is the first sitting President in nearly 90 years to visit Cuba.