Christian Holub
March 24, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Kristen Bell’s husband Dax Shepard has known Melissa McCarthy since their time together in the L.A. improv scene decades ago. But as Bell told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, her work on The Boss brought her closer to McCarthy than Shepard had ever been.

“Now she’s mine because I’ve seen her vagina,” Bell said.

That wasn’t even the end of The Boss costars’ bonding, Bell explained.

“There’s a big boobie fight,” she said. “[Melissa] attempts to help me get a little lift, and we end up, you know, punching each other in the tits for awhile. Quite honestly, I might have cheated on my husband with Melissa McCarthy. Boobs are funny to begin with, but it’s such a funny scene because we were just wapping and slapping each other’s boobs all around. We were a little bruised, but we were laughing very hard the entire time.

Watch the clip below.

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