Christopher Rosen
April 03, 2016 AT 03:09 PM EDT

Donald Trump has been accused of making sexist remarks throughout his run for president, including recently for retweeting an unflattering photo of opponent Ted Cruz’s wife. (Trump later admitted that was a “mistake.”) Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live took Trump to task for his rhetoric, showing the candidate (played on the show by Darrell Hammond) leading a sexist chant at one of his rallies.

“When I say ‘women,’ you say ‘suck’!” Hammond’s Trump said in the cold open of Saturday’s show.

The joke came during a larger sketch about women defending Trump for his inflammatory comments — embodied in the segment by Scottie Nell Hughes (played by Cecily Strong).

“Of course, Donald loves women,” Strong’s Hughes said in the sketch. “He is a father to a woman.” The bit then cuts to Hammond’s Trump talking about his daughter Ivanka, who just had a third child. “I just got to say, isn’t my daughter Ivanka the best? She’s so smart, so talented, and what a rack. She just had a baby, so can you imagine that rack now? It is just tremendous.”

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