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Isabella Biedenharn
April 04, 2016 AT 07:45 PM EDT

Dave Eggers, author of The Circle and founder of McSweeney’s, will release his next novel, Heroes of the Frontier, this summer, Knopf announced Monday.

The novel follows a mother who moves with her two young children from suburban Ohio to rural Alaska — where she rents an RV and the three embark on a road trip. In a release, Knopf calls Heroes of the Frontier “a comic and rueful look at how the lives we imagine for ourselves coexist with the lives we are actually living, as well as an excoriating view of America in the twenty-first century.”

The publisher also shared the first two paragraphs of Heroes of the Frontier. Check them out below for a sneak peek inside:

“There is proud happiness, happiness born of doing good work in the light of day, years of worthwhile labor, and afterward being tired, and content, and surrounded by family and friends, bathed in satisfaction and ready for a deserved rest — sleep or death, it would not matter.

Then there is the happiness of one’s personal slum. The happiness of being alone, and tipsy on red wine, in the passenger seat of an ancient recreational vehicle parked somewhere in Alaska’s deep south, staring into a scribble of black trees, afraid to go to sleep for fear that at any moment someone will get past the toy lock on the RV door and murder you and your two small children sleeping above.”

Heroes of the Frontier will be released July 26, 2016.

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