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Ariana Bacle
April 06, 2016 AT 05:23 PM EDT

Taking too many drugs must be traumatic enough. Taking too many drugs and having to spend the night with Michael Scott (Steve Carell)? Even worse. But Ryan’s (B.J. Novak) misfortune made for one of Mindy Kaling‘s favorite moments from The Office, she revealed in a post on The List Appcreated by Novak — Wednesday.

The season 4 scene from “Night Out” begins with Michael being typical, well, Michael: “We’re going to take your clothes off,” Michael says to a disgruntled Ryan before he jolts awake. Despite the rough start, the three go on to have a thoughtful conversation — or, at least, as thoughtful as a conversation with Michael Scott can be. “Best night ever,” Michael, being as honest as he’s ever been, whispers to the camera after Ryan goes back to sleep. 

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Kaling, who played Kelly Kapoor on the show throughout its nine-season run and now stars on The Mindy Project, also counts “anything with Hank the security guard,” “when Michael is Santa and Kevin sits on his lap asking for presents,” and “when Dwight hits the pole in his car and gets out and throws up” among her favorite scenes from the show. See her full list here.

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