Nick Romano
April 10, 2016 AT 03:10 PM EDT

We all know the type of “somebody’s mom,” someone who doesn’t know the names of any character on TV, who loves salad made from Brussels sprouts and imitation crab, and probably puts together Thomas Kinkade puzzles while watching television. Kate McKinnon became such a figure for her recap of The People vs. O.J. Simpson on SNL‘s “Weekend Update.”

If you missed the latest episode, Deenie got the gist of it. It involved people she calls “Show Me the Money,” “Curly Head,” and “Black Mr. Clean.” She said, “All I know is that I figured out who did it in the first five minutes. You’d have to be a dumbass not to guess that one.” 

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Watch the clip below. 


It took a while for Deenie to even get around to watching the show because she had to watch her soaps first. So, we should be grateful for the little information that we have. 

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