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Dylan Kickham
April 13, 2016 AT 05:01 PM EDT

It’s time for Animaniacs, once again! On the heels of the cartoon’s addition to Netflix, Rob Paulsen, the voice of Yakko, revealed to The New York Times that he and his Warner siblings will go on tour this summer to perform some of the show’s original songs.

Paulsen previously reunited with Jess Harnell (voice of the gluttonous Wakko) and Tress MacNeille (voice of the sassy Dot) in 2014 to perform the Animaniacs theme song, but this tour will give fans much more zany ’90s fun. One major addition is that Paulsen will perform a revamped version of “Yakko’s World,” easily the most memorable song from the series.

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“Yakko’s World” attempts to list every nation in the world, and has been criticized by some fans for including names of lands that are not countries, as well as omitting some countries. The song was also written before the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The updated version will attempt a more accurate representation of the countries in the modern world.

The Animaniacs aired for 5 seasons from 1993–1998, proving to be not only a hit with children, but surprisingly resonant with older audiences for its savvy and oftentimes suggestive humor. Other popular songs to look forward to include “Wakko’s America” and Dot’s song “I’m Cute.”

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