George Rose/Getty Images
Darren Franich
April 14, 2016 AT 10:38 PM EDT

Less than 15 minutes into the CinemaCon screening of Now You See Me 2, the screen at the Caesars Palace Colosseum Theater cut to black and the theater was evacuated due to security concerns.

Deadline reports that the audience was cleared due to a “suspicious item” left in the theater, which The Wrap claims was a backpack left in a seat. (The film cut out right in the middle of a scene featuring newcomer Lizzy Caplan meeting the characters from the first movie.)

To introduce the Now You See Me 2 screening, Lionsgate had called magician David Copperfield onstage to perform some tricks and recap the plot of the first Now You See Me. Security had insisted that everyone put their phones away when Copperfield took the stage; I saw at least one security guard walk down a row and grab a phone out of someone’s hand.

The lesson to take away here: The Caesars Palace Colosseum is serious about security.

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