Dylan Kickham
April 14, 2016 AT 08:09 PM EDT

America and the American Idol judges have spoken, crowning Trent Harmon as our final American Idol over runner-up La’Porsha Renae, but now it’s their turn to do the judging. The two singers dropped by EW to let us know what they think — in just one hashtag — about judges Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and host Ryan Seacrest.

Both singers respected Connick, Jr.’s trained ear for music; Renae described him as “#hardnosed” and Harmon called him “#technical.” On Lopez, Renae went with “#fierce” while Harmon had to choose two hashtags: “#sweet” and “#smokeshow.” Both contestants seemed to find Keith Urban as the judge they were most comfortable around, with Renae calling him “#carebear” and Harmon going with “#homey,” explaining, “We talk the same language a lot.”

Finally, for host Ryan Seacrest, Harmon admits to being dazzled by his quick humor and called him “#witty,” but Renae went with “#instigator, but added with a laugh, “I call him ‘instigator,’ but he’s really sweet.”

The American Idol alums also let us in on what was going through their minds when Harmon’s name was announced last Thursday, and gave us the scoop on one thing we might not know about them (turns out they’re both very particular about cleanliness). Check out the full video above.

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